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She dresses in blues deeper than the oceans of Neptune,
Dissonant is the face of fear projected on her face by her shadow,
When she speaks her words cry like the last breath of a god on his faded throne,
Her soul is a supermassive black hole and her brilliance cannot escape.

A being of ambient landscapes, she's not afraid of the dark.
Still every night is her nightmare, seen by the audience of a million sleepers
in her moonlight-gilded prison where she sleeps in the void without a head and encases her heart in a fragile urn.

By day, she wears a mask of light to protect her from her other self,
At dusk, she watches the black rose garden grow in her budding heart,
At twilight, she dances with mirrors under the rising blue moon of hope,
At night, she cries a million heavenly stars which cast moonlight upon all the land.

But one day, her freedom will howl the black winds of fate and shatter the Earth...
Written in the Snakepit on a night of my own insomnia.
AvengerKitty12 Featured By Owner Nov 14, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
This speaks to me lol. I have insomnia...last night I had two and a half hours of sleep :D Running on fumes...
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November 13, 2012
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